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Free Quran softwares, downloads and links for learning Quran

Free Quran softwares, downloads and links for learning Quran

I am teaching both my children Ikhwan Shakip (5 years) & Ikram Thalhah (4 years)on reciting Quran myself. At the nursery both of them learning mengaji through Iqra books identifying ا, ب, ت or اَ,بَ, تَ and all the basic idea on how to read Quran & arabic.

As glad as a father could be they are doing quite well in the basic, however the pronunciation are not that good since the teacher is not a qualified or I can say well learned ustazah or so, hence, I purchased Ustaz Datok Hassan Azhari cd. Surprisingly now both of my sons already memorized few of Ayat Lazim such as الفاتحة, 3 قل and المسد a proper pronunciation through daily ngaji session which emphasize on 20-30 minutes of watching the cd while I supervise them. they also briefly learn tajwid since Ustaz Hassan will show each tajwid on each sentence what and the proper vocal pronunciations.

Nevertheless, this posting is actually about the web address above. It is a place where you guys can download free recitation software of Quran and pdf format Quran. The player are win amp like easy to use with option of translation even with Bahasa Melayu. But have to add-on later if you download it. Lot of details from the website that you guys could used.. check it out…

Quran softwares available from this site
QuranReciter : Quran MP3 player displaying Arabic Text and 3 different English Quran translations. Also includes Yusuf Ali commentary, English Transliteration and Quran translation in 24 languages (Azerbaijani, Bosnian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malayalam, Malaysian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Urdu). Word by word meaning display for Amma Juz (30th part of Quran).
QuranTrans : Multiple Translation software of the Holy Quran with commentary of Abdulla Yusuf Ali.
DivineQuotes : Categorised selection of verses from the Holy Quran.
ListMemoriser : Freeware tool for assisting in memorising Quran.
Arabic_Quran.pdf (3.28 MB): Complete arabic Quran in pdf format.

Other Quran related softwares and downloads
Meaning of 80% of words in the Quran (recommended) : Compilation of meanings of mostly used words in the Quran. Available for download as PDF files.
Quran Dictionary : Word by word meaning of the Quran from the beginning to the the end. For most of the words meaning are displayed only for the first occurance of that word in the Quran.
Pocket Islam : Free Quran Recitation software for Pocket PC. Nice display of Quran Arabic text and also includes optional translations in different languages.
Quran Urdu Audio Translation :Complete Quran recitation with side by side Urdu audio translation
QuranViewer : Free Quran Software which supports lot of world languages. Other features include full quran Arabic text, search option in english, configurable display of translations etc.
Quran Reciter Online : Another online version of Quran Reciter with multiple translations and multiple reciters. :Download Free Arabic to English and English to Arabic dictionary.
Yildun Softwares : Free Quran software with option to print as a book, multiple language translations and lot of other features.
Quran for mobile phones : Quran and islamic softwares for java enabled mobile phones.

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